• A new life.
    We've created our Organic Baby Essentials with your baby's delicate skin and senses in mind, and to encourage safe and joyful co-sleeping and feeding. All our Baby Essentials are hand-made in Sweden.
  • Organic Herbal Teas & Sitz Bath
    Our herbal teas and baths are hand-blended using the highest quality, organically grown herbs.
  • 100% organic, sustainably and ethically sourced. Handcrafted in small batches in the New Forest. Intention is an integral part of the production process, and local plants and spring water are used wherever possible. This creates powerful oils with a very high vibration.
    Pure Essential oils
  • For the sake of nature & all babies
    We only use GOTS-certified organic cotton in our Baby Essentials
  • Our MOON PILLOWS and HEIRLOOM BABYNESTS are hand-made in Sweden and stuffed with Swedish wool, a renewable and sustainable material.
    We only use gentle material in our Baby Essentials
  • We offer empowering birth education, holistic birth classes, Mother Blessing ceremonies and one-on-one support.
    Own your birth