Here you can find different personal stories, pictures, information and news that together weave the story of Braïdo Organics. Hopefully “Stories” will be as much of an inspiration for you as it is for us!

Fia’s story using the braïdo organics essential oils before and during her birth

Fia Garvner Agoo and her husband FIlip had planned a home birth in a tipi in the country side of Sweden. The couple used Braïdo Organics Essential Oils before and during the whole birth. After 72 hours of labor without full progress she was exhausted and needed to rest. So they went to the hospital, where Fia could sleep and eventually got help to turn the baby, who seemed stuck, with the Spinning Babies’ techniques. Soon thereafter Namah was born. They had brought the oils and their whole birth alter in order to stay in their bubble at the hospital. She managed to stay fully relaxed and trusting of her body’s capacity to give birth. This is how she describes her experience with the oils during birth:

“Giving birth involves all the senses: smell, touch, taste, sight, sound. What enters your senses can allow you to relax into the depth of your being. With the Braïdo oils, my sense of smell and touch was transformed into a deep and magical journey. Each oil had its own intention and essence that allowed me to lean back and trust the process.

I expected to use the oils for a lot of relaxing massages, but in practice it was the specific Braïdo scents themselves that became my go-to to find deep relaxation.

My support team helped me by dipping cloths into hot water and rubbing the oils into the cloths. Depending on where in the journey I found myself I used different oils. Into the Deep was my favourite as it allowed deep relaxation, I became obsessed with it during birth and used every last drop of it afterwards too!

The Mother Blessing oil and ceremony was also so helpful before and during birth. It set the spiritual intentions I was longing for.”

how we work with essential oils

We love plants, nature and the healing support that’s inherent in the fabric of life.

We’ve chosen to work only with local, small-scale producers, many of which are based in the New Forest where production takes place by hand. Wherever possible, we visit the farmers and see the fields where the herbs and flowers are growing for ourselves. Our energy sprays use spring water from the New Forest.

The more exotic herbs and flowers in some of the blends are sourced from outside Europe, always from individual small-scale growers. All the ingredients that go into out products are organic, ethical and fair trade – this is verified independently by New Forest Aromatics. Wherever possible we work with women’s collectives and seek to support local economies in the most ethical way possible

Because essential oils are a very powerful way of working with healing it’s not only the end product that’s important, but also how its produced. Plant essences work in two ways – directly through your sense of smell, and energetically when you come into contact with the plant’s vibrational essence. The key factor for connecting with the vibrational nature of essential oils is intention. This is also energetically transferred to the birthing woman or others who inhale the scent. To keep the intention pure, we’ve chosen not to compromise on any part of the production process.

For this reason, we’ve chosen not to work with some of the more commonly available commercial oils. Because intention is so important to the effectiveness of the final product, we don’t work with multi-level marketing companies. The starting point – the underlying intention – is greed, and the marketing approach can have an evangelical, almost aggressive tone.

Many of these companies have white evangelical Christian men at the top, who are effectively exploiting women’s longing for holistic, natural health solutions and community. They make a lot of money from these products, but the person on the lowest rung doesn’t make a lot of money at all. In fact it’s mathematically impossible for everyone to thrive in these structures.

At a time when patriarchal structures are endangering the entire biosphere, we are open about our choice not to work with such dynamics. Whatever claims are made about the purity and excellence of the products become meaningless when they simultaneously offer very little transparency and traceability.

The future of the planet, our children’s future is at stake. It’s time to say Enough! to the patriarchal structures that harm birthing women and the biosphere. It’s time to take personal responsibility for our consumer and business choices, even if it’s more expensive and difficult in the short run. We’re the ones we’ve been waiting for.

It’s time for Braïdo to return.

more about our different essential oils

Braïdo Organics Essential Oils are 100% organic, sustainably and ethically sourced. Handcrafted in small batches in the New Forest.

We’ve developed these oils to support healthy pregnancy and undisturbed birth. This includes the pregnant woman, her partner, the baby, and the birthworkers that assist them. Our intention is to contribute to an empowering and positive pregnancy and birth experience for every woman, with the help of nature.

Braïdo Organics essential oils are precious and rare. Intention is an integral part of the production process, and local plants and spring water are used wherever possible. This creates powerful oils with a very high spiritual vibration. There are six blends for the key stages of pregnancy and birth.

We don’t recommend using essential oils on your skin during the first trimester.


The Mother Blessing blend is a precious anointing oil developed specifically to honour the Mother. Can be used from 37 weeks.

In our culture, the focus is almost entirely on the baby during pregnancy and birth – we have baby showers, gender reveal parties and everyone fusses over the baby once it’s born. We’re trying to redirect some of that focus towards the incredible work done by the Mother, physiologically, emotionally and spiritually. She is growing a new human being from seed in her own body!

To support this, we created a blend of organic linden blossom, rose, lavender and geranium. These plants are associated with mothering, nurturing and unconditional love, and help you connect with the archetypal feminine energy. The organic ingredients and the intention of healthy, undisturbed birth that is an integral part of the production process make this a very potent oil with a high spiritual vibration.

Directions: Anoint the third eye, throat, heart and womb. Take a few drops in your hands and inhale deeply three times. During labour, roll onto pulse points or apply to hands or a damp cloth and inhale.

Possible uses:

  • As an anointing oil in a Mother Blessing ceremony for the expectant mother. Helps her connect with the Mother Goddess and all women who have given birth before.
  • Rolling onto the mother’s thighs as the baby crowns so the first thing the baby smells is unconditional love and not hospital aromas
  • Rolling onto a cloth for the mother to inhale during birth to draw in he support from the foremothers, goddesses and the plants themselves
  • Rolling onto the mothers clothes and cloths kept near the baby after birth to help the baby feel secure and connected with the mother even when not in her arms
  • Calling in the baby’s soul – particularly good if you want to become pregnant
  • Mothering the Mother: as a gift to friends and colleagues in need of energetic support
  • Sisterhood circles
  •  Mother’s Day gift to your own Mother who birthed you
  • Self-love rituals for connecting with your higher self and calling in the support of the Divine Mother

Geranium is connected with the archetypal mother energy and is traditionally used by midwives for its antiseptic qualities. It has a nurturing quality that helps harmonise the female reproductive cycle and supports you during big transitions.

Lavender is soothing and calming and has a strong association with the divine feminine. Represents compassion and loving kindness.

Rose is closely associated with the Virgin Mary, Venus and Aphrodite. It helps you connect with a higher love, unconditional and radiant, something that many people experience for the first time when they have a child.

Linden blossom comes from the archetypal mother tree in many cultures. A feminine, welcoming oil associated with Freya and Green Tara. Great for meditating and connecting with Goddess energy.

The base oils are sunflower oil, unscented coconut and Vitamin E.


The Revive blend is a refreshing rescue roller blend developed to give you a revitalising boost when your energies start to flag. Can be used from your due date.

Birth can be physically and emotionally tiring and sometimes goes on for a long time. You’re going to need the stamina to last the duration, especially if you want to avoid potentially harmful interventions such as induction with synthetic oxytocin.

To support this, we created a blend of grapefruit, peppermint, clary sage, eucalyptus and spearmint that sharpens your focus and helps you freshen up. The scent gives you an energetic boost and helps you feel rested and alert. Like showering under a fresh waterfall in the woods! Revive was as much created for the birthing mama as for the midwife, doula and partner that support her.

Directions: Take a few drops in your hands and inhale deeply three times. During labour, roll onto pulse points or apply to hands or a damp cloth and inhale.

Possible uses:

  • Allow the birthing mother to inhale the scent to help her perk up if labour gets tiring. The clary sage can also kick-start contractions if they’ve come to a halt
  • For midwives and doulas to freshen up and receive an energetic boost when supporting labour
  • Helps the partner last the duration!
  • Gives you an uplifting boost and sharpens your focus whenever you need it

Grapefruit is a positive oil that wakes you up and cleanses your system. Makes you feel clean and fresh.

Peppermint supports your digestion and is uplifting, cleansing and cooling. Helps you make breakthroughs, to reach beyond your limitations.

Clary sage helps you see clearly, beyond what you thought was possible. Deepens your insight and  helps you let go of distractions. Activates your creative and visionary ability. Sharpens your focus.

Eucalyptus helps you breathe more deeply, often when we feel tired we’ve just stopped breathing deeply enough. Helps oxygenate the blood more effectively. Gives you strength and endurance.

Spearmint is similar to peppermint. Helps you focus, is uplifting and clears the fog.

The base oils are sunflower oil, unscented coconut and Vitamin E.


Protecting the Space is a room spray developed to clear negative energies and protect the birthing woman. Can be used at any time during pregnancy.

Feeling safe and calm is key to keeping the oxytocin flowing, which is what allows birth to progress. The birthing woman needs to feel safe to enter the vulnerable state where she can open up her body to let the baby come through. In this state, negative, fearful or disruptive energies can throw her off balance and disrupt labour. We want to offer a tool that protects the space around the woman doing the work, so that she can focus on birthing the baby.

To support this, we’ve developed a blend of organic cypress, tea tree, cedarwood, fir and copaiba. These five pillars create a space of stability, deep grounding and protection. The energetic presence of their vast roots, trunks and canopies help shelter you from stress, negativity and fear wherever you are.

Directions: Spray around the room, especially around doorways.

Possible uses:

  • To cleanse and protect the space before a Mother Blessing
  • To claim a hospital room as your sacred space
  • Shield your home from negative energies and ground you
  •  Prepare your workspace for a safe and productive day, whether you work in a yoga studio or at an office desk
  • Draw in strength, protection, courage and endurance in any situation

Cypress is a tall coniferous tree that is often planted in churchyards because it supports the transition from one stage to another. Being born as a parent is one of the biggest transformations you go through in life, and cypress stands as the guardian of the portal between life and death, which is where you have to journey to get your baby.

Cedar is a strong tree that conveys courage, strength and endurance. Ships’ masts are made from cedarwood because it is so strong and steady, and it also takes a long time to break down.

Fir is associated with Christmas, when we still honour the wisdom of the great trees by bringing it into our home for the birth of the Christ child. This is an ancient tradition that honours and protects all birthing women.  Helps deepen our connection with nature.

Tea Tree has antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties. It offers protection based on the deep wisdom held by the indigenous peoples of Australia. Tea Tree is good for offering protection from anything unexpected that might happen during birth.

Copaiba is a sacred tree that grows in South America. It’s been seen as sacred for thousand of years and stands for deep connection, strength and protection.

This energy spray is made with pure spring water from the New Forest.


This is a precious body oil developed to keep the mother’s skin soft and supple during pregnancy, and to provide an oasis of tranquility during labour. Can be used from the second trimester.

We invite you to lay down and rest in Grandma’s Garden if you hit a plateau during labour – the plant essences help you let go of all effort and relax into a safe embrace. The breather these oils provide is often enough to kick-start a labour that’s stalled. The very fine oils in this blend nourish and protect your skin as it stretches around your growing baby.

To support this, we’ve developed a blend of organic neroli, mandarin, roman chamomile and lavender, with exquisite rosehip and camellia as base oils. Let the flowers that grow in your grandmas garden help you melt into the peace, tranquility and relaxation of being in a space where you know that you’ll be cared for.

Directions: Massage onto the hips, belly and thighs during pregnancy for smooth skin. Massage onto the body during birth, or place a few drops on a damp cloth to inhale.

Possible uses:

  • Use as a body oil during pregnancy to prevent stretch marks (works while they’re still pink)
  • Invite your partner or children to massage the belly while talking to the baby to enhance bonding before birth. The plants used in the blend support communication.
  • Massage onto the body or inhale from a cloth if you need a rest during birth
  • Use for rest and regeneration, helps activate the parasympathetic nervous system after exhaustion
  • Use as body oil for smooth, fragrant skin at any time. Relieves itchy and dry skin.

Neroli is a lovely, gentle oil that is often used to support birth. Neroli is another name for orange blossom, and is a sunny and warm oil that smells of the Mediterranean. An oil of calm and peace.

Lavender is an oil of compassion and healing.

Mandarin supports communication. Mandarin is a citrus oil but less sharp than the others, and is one of few essential oils that can be used throughout pregnancy and on newborns. Helps you build bridges and communicate with your baby.

Chamomile is anti-inflammatory, calming and is good for swollen legs.

The base oils are organic sunflower, camellia and rosehip oil.

Rosehip oil contains vitamins and fatty acids that prevent scars forming.

Camellia oil stimulates collagen production which helps prevent stretchmarks.


This is a body oil that helps you surrender to the intensity of birth and avoid unnecessary interventions. Can be used from onset of labour.

Being able to sink into the power of contractions is key to having an undisturbed birth. It’s important that you can find your way deep down into an internal space where you can rest submerged as the waves of labour pass through you. This is a place where you can become at one with whatever arises, and transcend the need to classify your sensations or experiences as “good” or ”bad”.

To support this, we’ve developed a blend of organic frankincense, geranium, palmarosa, sandalwood and eucalyptus that help you keep your focus during the more intense phases of birth. The blend helps you work with the contractions and gives you the resolve you need to let your body do its work.

Directions: Massage onto the body during birth, or place a few drops on a damp cloth to inhale.

Possible uses:

  • Use as a massage oil or inhale from a cloth during birth to descend into the unknown depths and surrender to the contractions that will bring you your baby
  • Use as body oil for smooth, fragrant skin when not pregnant.
  • Helps you embrace the more challenging experiences of life, to accept darkness as an essential part of rebirth and serves as a guide in the journey into the underworld

Eucalyptus opens up your lungs so that you can breathe more deeply and helps you focus on your breath.

Frankincense is a resin incense often used in the Catholic church and elsewhere to support contact with something higher – communion with the divine. Helps you connect with your higher self and your unborn child.

Palmarosa is a flexible, flowing grass that offers you tolerance and adaptability. When the contractions become stronger we can become fearful and start to tense up – palmarosa helps us to go with the flow.

Geranium is the essence of motherhood, gifts you harmony and help us to feel nurtured and safe.

Sandalwood is good for meditative states, opens up the doors of perception and gives us courage and strength.

The base oils are sunflower, apricot and Vitamin E.


This is a body oil that helps you embrace your sensual and wild self. Can be used from onset of labour.

In order for your baby to transition into the world you need to open up your body in ways you’ve never done before. To do this requires a deep abandonment of your inhibitions and to embrace the sexuality and sensuality of birth. What got the baby in is what gets it out!

To support this, we’ve developed a blend of organic jasmine, clary sage, ylang ylang, mandarin and sandalwood that will help all your senses to really open up. The oil creates intimacy between you and your partner and lets you surrender to your animal instinct. The heady scent connects you with your inner wild woman and gives you an oxytocin rush.

This oil is particularly good if you’re overdue and want to get things going.

Directions: Massage onto the body during birth, or place a few drops on a damp cloth to inhale.

Possible uses:

  • For massage or inhaling during birth to let go of inhibitions and really open up all passages during birth
  • Helps you accept that your baby is going to come out now
  • Helps you shift from the head and down into your womb space, which where birth happens
  • As a body oil for smooth, exquisitely fragrant skin when not pregnant.
  • Works as an aphrodisiac and helps you to get into the mood with your partner

Clary sage can help start contractions. Supports the creative side of birth, to really open up to what is about to happen.

Jasmine strengthens the womb and can stimulate contractions. It’s an aphrodisiac, and is rare in its association with both the male and female aspect of the divine. It’s about union, merging into one. Helps the couple to really connect, experience love and be truly present.

Ylang ylang is an aphrodisiac, a sexy scent that invites sexuality into the birth room. It’s about love, loving your body and physical attraction. You might feel like a telly tubby but this oil will get you into your sensual groove!

Mandarin is calming, supports communication and tells the baby: “I’m ready to give birth”.

Sandalwood opens the doors of perception and also the doors lower down! As above, so below. Honours the sacred in what’s happening. This is a masculine and sexual scent – great for both partners.

The base oils are sunflower, apricot and Vitamin E.

About co-sleeping and babies’ biological needs

Co-sleeping safely

Most babies sleep best lying next to their parents. As long as you or your partner don’t sleep on a couch with your baby or abuse alcohol or drugs, you don’t need to worry about your baby being at risk of cot death caused by co-sleeping.

However, it’s very important that the baby can sleep safely in the bed, without rolling out or getting trapped somewhere. It’s also important to avoid having a lot of heavy pillows and duvets that could end up over the baby’s face.

Studies have shown that mothers that have not taken drugs or alcohol actually never lie on their baby, while a partner who’s sleeping deeply may not always have the same instincts. If that’s the case, a special pillow with firm sides can be used, designed for newborns, and placed in the middle of the bed where the baby can lie so that your partner doesn’t accidentally roll onto the baby. A babynest can also work well. If the bed is placed against a wall, the baby can lie closest to the wall and the mum next to it, in this way she gets to lie close to her partner. But remember to make sure that there’s not a gap between the wall and the bed where the baby can become trapped. Screw the bed to the wall and place a rolled up towel or blanket in the gap so that the baby is not endangered. There are also cots with removable sides, or co-sleepers – a kind of extra bed that can be attached to your bed.

These are open on one side so that the baby and the parent closest to the child are always close to each other at the same time as the baby is safe and protected and surrounded on the other sides.

Cigarette smoke that lingers in clothes and on the skin can be toxic to the baby so never lie next to a newborn baby if you’ve just smoked or been in a smoky environment.

Synthetic materials can be toxic

New mattresses manufactured with synthetic materials are full of chemicals that leak and can be harmful to newborns, so rather sleep on your old or used mattresses, or invest in a new mattress made from natural materials. An organic mattress and organic bedding or old bedding that’s been washed many times can be enough of a barrier between the baby and a mattress that where you’re uncertain of the contents.

The biological needs of babies

Because children of all ages fall asleep fastest and sleep the longest when they sleep with their parents it seems to be a biological need that doesn’t go away easily. If you think about it it isn’t so strange.

Human beings have been hunters and gatherers for most of our history, and until quite recently we couldn’t leave our children alone at all as they risked being eaten uppätna or freezing to death. Accordingly, children have up until about a hundred years ago been carried and slept close to their parents. In many countries it’s still normal to for several years constantly carry and sleep together babies. But here in the west we have the idea that small children should be independent and that they from the start need to adapt to their parents’ needs to continue life as it was before the baby was born.

Newborn babies are born with the instinct to cry if they’re left alone and become settled if they lie next to their parents – sensing their breaths and heartbeat ensure them that they won’t be abandoned and that they can fall asleep safely without fearing for their lives. If the children aren’t frightened and unsafe from the start, the children understand that there is no danger in sleeping alone. When they’re mature they themselves will choose to sleep in their own bed in their own room, but if you try to force this too quickly your child will probably protest loudly and make your day-to-day life harder than it needs to be.

Stay close and you’ll all get to sleep better

If you want to lie down and breastfeed at night you and your baby don’t have to awake completely and you will all feel more rested during the day. If you get very tired by having your nightly sleep interrupted you could try having a nap when your baby sleeps during the day and reduce your ambition about everything you need to do during the day.

Another advantage with co-sleeping is that the baby never needs to cry to be heard, and that also reduces the risk that the baby swallows air and gets gas in their gut that can cause colic. If you’re unable to sleep next to your baby you can have a cradle or cot next to the adults’ bed so that the baby can still hear your breaths and feel your energy, and thus sleep calmly safe in the knowledge that it’s not been abandoned.

Text from the book Föd på dina villkor, published by MiMa förlag 2019.

Go to for different sources on the benefits of co-sleeping