makes you glow and prepares your body for birth

This nourishing and relaxing tea is full of vitamins and minerals that helps you stay strong and grow a healthy baby. It can help tone the uterus and prepare your womb for birth, as well as help you recover faster after birth. The herbs are beneficial for anyone.

Ingredients: nettle, red raspberry leaf, oat straw, alfalfa tops + rosehip

Braïdo Organics Herbal Teas are hand-blended from the highest quality, organically grown herbs. Our teas are safe for everybody.

Begin drinking this tea from week 15, until birth. If you have strong and regular practice contractions you should wait to start drinking it until 4-6 weeks before your due date. Store the herbs in a dry, cool and dark space.


Rest in a safe embrace – body oil for Pregnancy, Birth + Beyond.

100 ml

Ingredients: Neroli, lavender, mandarin, roman chamomile. Rosehip and camellia oil for smooth skin.

Hand made for Braïdo Organics by New Forest Aromatics. Made in the UK. Approved by EU’s Safety Assessment.

This is a precious body oil developed to keep the mother’s skin soft and supple during pregnancy, and to provide an oasis of tranquility during labour. Can be used from the second trimester.

We invite you to lay down and rest in Grandma’s Garden if you hit a plateau during labour – the plant essences help you let go of all effort and relax into a safe embrace. The breather these oils provide is often enough to kick-start a labour that’s stalled because it will boost your oxytocin. The very fine oils in this blend nourish and protect your skin as it stretches around your growing baby.

To support this, we’ve developed a blend of organic neroli, mandarin, roman chamomile and lavender, with exquisite rosehip and camellia as base oils. Let the flowers that grow in your grandmas garden help you melt into the peace, tranquility and relaxation of being in a space where you know that you’ll be cared for.

Directions: Massage onto the hips, belly and thighs during pregnancy for smooth skin. Massage onto the body during birth, or place a few drops on a damp cloth to inhale.

Possible uses:

  • Use as a body oil during pregnancy to prevent stretch marks (works while they’re still pink)
  • Invite your partner or children to massage the belly while talking to the baby to enhance bonding before birth. The plants used in the blend support communication.
  • Massage onto the body or inhale from a cloth if you need a rest during birth
  • Use for rest and regeneration, helps activate the parasympathetic nervous system after exhaustion.
  • Use as body oil for smooth, fragrant skin at any time. Relieves itchy and dry skin.

More about the ingredients:

  • Neroli is a lovely, gentle oil that is often used to support birth. Neroli is another name for orange blossom, and is a sunny and warm oil that smells of the Mediterranean. An oil of calm and peace.
  • Lavender is an oil of compassion and healing.
  • Mandarin supports communication. Mandarin is a citrus oil but less sharp than the others, and is one of few essential oils that can be used throughout pregnancy and on newborns. Helps you build bridges and communicate with your baby.
  • Chamomile is anti-inflammatory, calming and is good for swollen legs.
  • The base oils are organic sunflower, camellia and rosehip oil.
  • Rosehip oil contains vitamins and fatty acids that prevent scars forming. Camellia oil stimulates collagen production which helps prevent stretchmarks.


Honour the mother – roller scent for Pregnancy, Birth + Beyond

Ingredients: Geranium, lavender, linden blossom and rose

99.5% Organic ingredients. 100% Natural ingredients


Hand made for Braïdo Organics by New Forest Aromatics. Made in the UK. Approved by EU’s Safety Assessment.

The Mother Blessing blend is a precious anointing oil developed specifically to honour the Mother. Can be used from 37 weeks.

In our culture, the focus is almost entirely on the baby during pregnancy and birth – we have baby showers, gender reveal parties and everyone fusses over the baby once it’s born. We’re trying to redirect some of that focus towards the incredible work done by the Mother, physiologically, emotionally and spiritually. She is growing a new human being from seed in her own body!

To support this, we created a blend of organic linden blossom, rose, lavender and geranium. These plants are associated with mothering, nurturing and unconditional love, and help you connect with the archetypal feminine energy. The organic ingredients and the intention of healthy, undisturbed birth that is an integral part of the production process make this a very potent oil with a high spiritual vibration.

Directions: Anoint the third eye, throat, heart and womb. Take a few drops in your hands and inhale deeply three times. During labour, roll onto pulse points or apply to hands or a damp cloth and inhale.

Possible uses:

  • As an anointing oil in a Mother Blessing ceremony for the expectant mother. Helps her connect with the Mother Goddess and all women who have given birth before.
  • Rolling onto the mother’s thighs as the baby crowns so the first thing the baby smells is unconditional love and not hospital aromas
  • Rolling onto a cloth for the mother to inhale during birth to draw in he support from the foremothers, goddesses and the plants themselves
  • Rolling onto the mothers clothes and cloths kept near the baby after birth to help the baby feel secure and connected with the mother even when not in her arms
  • Calling in the baby’s soul – particularly good if you want to become pregnant
  • Mothering the Mother: as a gift to friends and colleagues in need of energetic support
  • Sisterhood circles
  • Mother’s Day gift to your own Mother who birthed you
  • Self-love rituals for connecting with your higher self and calling in the support of the Divine Mother

More about the ingredients:

  • Geranium is connected with the archetypal mother energy and is traditionally used by midwives for its antiseptic qualities. It has a nurturing quality that helps harmonise the female reproductive cycle and supports you during big transitions.
  • Lavender is soothing and calming and has a strong association with the divine feminine. Represents compassion and loving kindness.
  • Rose is closely associated with the Virgin Mary, Venus and Aphrodite. It helps you connect with a higher love, unconditional and radiant, something that many people experience for the first time when they have a child.
  • Linden blossom comes from the archetypal mother tree in many cultures. A feminine, welcoming oil associated with Freya and Green Tara. Great for meditating and connecting with Goddess energy.
  • The base oils are sunflower oil, unscented coconut and Vitamin E.


lifts your mood and gives you a loving hug straight from Mother Nature 

This calming and nourishing tea can improve sleep and relieve postpartum depression. 

Ingredients: chamomile, lavender + lemon balm 

Braïdo Organics Herbal Teas are hand-blended from the highest quality, organically grown herbs. Our teas are safe for everybody. 

Begin drinking this tea after week 15, or from birth and onwards. Store the herbs in a dry, cool and dark space.


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