how we work with essential oils

We love plants, nature and the healing support that’s inherent in the fabric of life.

We’ve chosen to work only with local, small-scale producers, many of which are based in the New Forest where production takes place by hand. Wherever possible, we visit the farmers and see the fields where the herbs and flowers are growing for ourselves. Our energy sprays use spring water from the New Forest.

The more exotic herbs and flowers in some of the blends are sourced from outside Europe, always from individual small-scale growers. All the ingredients that go into out products are organic, ethical and fair trade – this is verified independently by New Forest Aromatics. Wherever possible we work with women’s collectives and seek to support local economies in the most ethical way possible

Because essential oils are a very powerful way of working with healing it’s not only the end product that’s important, but also how its produced. Plant essences work in two ways – directly through your sense of smell, and energetically when you come into contact with the plant’s vibrational essence. The key factor for connecting with the vibrational nature of essential oils is intention. This is also energetically transferred to the birthing woman or others who inhale the scent. To keep the intention pure, we’ve chosen not to compromise on any part of the production process.

For this reason, we’ve chosen not to work with some of the more commonly available commercial oils. Because intention is so important to the effectiveness of the final product, we don’t work with multi-level marketing companies. The starting point – the underlying intention – is greed, and the marketing approach can have an evangelical, almost aggressive tone.

Many of these companies have white evangelical Christian men at the top, who are effectively exploiting women’s longing for holistic, natural health solutions and community. They make a lot of money from these products, but the person on the lowest rung doesn’t make a lot of money at all. In fact it’s mathematically impossible for everyone to thrive in these structures.

At a time when patriarchal structures are endangering the entire biosphere, we are open about our choice not to work with such dynamics. Whatever claims are made about the purity and excellence of the products become meaningless when they simultaneously offer very little transparency and traceability.

The future of the planet, our children’s future is at stake. It’s time to say Enough! to the patriarchal structures that harm birthing women and the biosphere. It’s time to take personal responsibility for our consumer and business choices, even if it’s more expensive and difficult in the short run. We’re the ones we’ve been waiting for.

It’s time for Braïdo to return.

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