Fia’s story using the braïdo organics essential oils before and during her birth

Fia Garvner Agoo and her husband FIlip had planned a home birth in a tipi in the country side of Sweden. The couple used Braïdo Organics Essential Oils before and during the whole birth. After 72 hours of labor without full progress she was exhausted and needed to rest. So they went to the hospital, where Fia could sleep and eventually got help to turn the baby, who seemed stuck, with the Spinning Babies’ techniques. Soon thereafter Namah was born. They had brought the oils and their whole birth alter in order to stay in their bubble at the hospital. She managed to stay fully relaxed and trusting of her body’s capacity to give birth. This is how she describes her experience with the oils during birth:

“Giving birth involves all the senses: smell, touch, taste, sight, sound. What enters your senses can allow you to relax into the depth of your being. With the Braïdo oils, my sense of smell and touch was transformed into a deep and magical journey. Each oil had its own intention and essence that allowed me to lean back and trust the process.

I expected to use the oils for a lot of relaxing massages, but in practice it was the specific Braïdo scents themselves that became my go-to to find deep relaxation.

My support team helped me by dipping cloths into hot water and rubbing the oils into the cloths. Depending on where in the journey I found myself I used different oils. Into the Deep was my favourite as it allowed deep relaxation, I became obsessed with it during birth and used every last drop of it afterwards too!

The Mother Blessing oil and ceremony was also so helpful before and during birth. It set the spiritual intentions I was longing for.”

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