BRAÏDO ORGANICS is a small start-up company with high ethics as our moral compass. We use only organic, sustainable and ethically sourced cotton, wool and herbs. All our products are handmade and toxin-free for pregnancy, birth and the first sacred period with your newborn baby.

This means that we can’t add a high margin to our products, and that our prices will be higher than for mass-produced items made with synthetic materials and often under inhumane conditions that harm the health of humans and the Earth.

The good news is that BRAÏDO ORGANICS leaves a much smaller carbon foot print on nature, and that we genuinely care for our producers, and about the health and well-being of you and your baby!

We created Braïdo Organics to support women to have an empowering pregnancy and birth experience, and a gentle start to parenthood. This means supporting the pregnant woman herself, her partner, the baby and the birth workers that assist them.

The name Braido comes from a prehistoric goddess who was worshipped because she was believed to bring the light, hence she was the life giver. We chose that name because we strive to bring light and empowerment to all life-giving humans who want to live attuned to their authentic selves, their loved ones and nature.

If you speak Swedish, we warmly recommend that you watch this outstanding lecture on the ancient great sourceress, witch and goddess BRAIDO.

About our products and choice of materials

Our MOON PILLOWS and HEIRLOOM BABYNESTS are hand-made in Sweden and stuffed with Swedish wool, a renewable and sustainable material.

Unlike most other breastfeeding pillows and baby nests on the market, which use the much cheaper material polyester as stuffing, our Moon Pillow and Heirloom Babynest contain no synthetic materials that could be toxic. The chemicals in polyester can continue to leak long after it’s been purchased. Polyester is not very breathable and can make it uncomfortably hot for your baby.

Wool helps your baby to regulate its body temperature and wicks away moisture. In the winter, it works as an insulator, while in the summer wool is cooling. Wool is also naturally antibacterial, has self-cleaning properties and is easy to keep clean. Wool products do not need to be washed often, it’s usually enough to air them after use. Wool may also reduce your baby’s risk of developing allergies.

We only use GOTS-certified organic cotton for our fabrics. The certification “ensures organic status of textiles, from harvesting of the raw materials, through environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing up to labelling in order to provide a credible assurance to the end consumer,” according to Global Organic Textile Standard.

We don’t use cotton grown with pesticides because it contains harsh chemicals known to be harmful to humans and nature. Products containing chemicals can continue to leak toxins even after they’ve been washed. Your newborn’s skin is sensitive, and we want to protect it by using fabrics that are free from toxins.

We also don’t want to contribute to chemicals leaking into the natural environment, in production or when non-organic fabrics are washed. Children that grow up in villages where non-organic cotton grows and is being dyed have a much higher incidence of birth defects and disease. We prioritise the health of all children and Mother Earth, and choose to use more expensive organic cotton.

Our Essential Oils are 100% organic, sustainable and ethically sourced. They are handcrafted in small batches in the New Forest. These essential oils are precious and rare. Intention is an integral part of the production process, and local plants and spring water are used wherever possible. This creates powerful oils with a very high vibration.

There are six blends for the key stages of pregnancy and birth:

MOTHERBLESSING to honour the mother, PROTECTING THE SPACE to clear negative energies, GRANDMA’S GARDEN to rest in a safe embrace and boost oxytocin, INTO THE DEEP to surrender to birth, REVIVE to focus, and OPEN UP to release the power and sensuality of birth.

Our Herbal Teas and Herbal Bath are hand-blended in Sweden from the highest quality, organically grown herbs. Our collection includes:

RADIANT MAMA TEA, a nourishing and relaxing tea full of vitamins and minerals that may help you stay strong and grow a healthy baby.

ABUNDANT MAMA TEA help you to produce plentiful milk and can relieve colic and gas symptoms in the baby.

JOYFUL MAMA TEA, a calming and nourishing tea that may improve sleep and lifts your heart.

HEALING MAMA HERBAL BATH help soothe sore tissues after birth and aids in reducing hemorrhoids.

Our team

Maria Bengtsson Lenn

Co-founder Braïdo Organics

Maria has previously worked as a journalist and doula, and is the author of two books on pregnancy and birth, Gravid med kropp och själ och Föd på dina villkor.

Maria loves everything to do with empowering women and happy babies, and believes this is the foundation for a more peaceful and healthy world.

When Maria had her own babies she instinctively chose what she later learned was called attachment parenting, a philosophy and a way of living that is said to create strong, healthy emotional bonds between children and their parents through the practise of co-sleeping, holding your babies close as much as possible and responding to your children’s needs in an engaging, respectful and gentle manner, among other things.

She also made a vow to use only second-hand baby clothes and products, or new organic ones – for the sake of her babies, and for nature. Wool became her favourite material. However, it was impossible to find an organic babynest stuffed with wool. In 2015, when she was pregnant with her third child, she started dreaming about producing her own organic and beautiful babynests stuffed with wool. Now, that dream has become a reality and she is so thrilled.

Creating products that are pure bliss for your senses, body, and nature – and that support attachment parenting as well – feels joyful and meaningful to her.

Maria lives in the Stockholm archipelago with her husband and three children.

Kristina Turner

Co-founder Braïdo Organics

Kristina Turner is a writer and birth activist with 25 years’ experience. She wrote the book Natural Birth – A Holistic Guide to Pregnancy, Childbirth and Breastfeeding after giving birth to her children at home. The deeply transformative experiences she had during these undisturbed births led her to her current work, which focuses on giving more women the opportunity to have intact births. She is a vocal advocate of women’s rights to undisturbed birth and evidence-based maternity care.

Kristina believes that the way we treat the natural world is linked to our collective view of the feminine as a resource for exploitation. This has led her to pursue a connection with the sacred feminine and sustainable plant medicine.

In 2018, she developed the Urban Goddess range of organic essential oil products based on plants associated with the goddess, and the Braïdo range is the natural next step.

Kristina trained as a Sacred Birthkeeper with Glastonbury Goddess Temple in 2020 and is a certified Red Tent women’s circle facilitator.

Kristina lives in Stockholm but often travels to England to visit her children.

We collaborate with two women, who have both contributed to braïdo organics coming to fruition.

Debbie Mulkern

New Forest Aromatics

One weekend in January 2020, we spent time talking and visualising our six pure essential oils scents with Debbie, who soon afterwards started blending and developing them for us. She understood exactly what we wanted and the collaboration has been an amazing journey.

Debbie created New Forest Aromatics in 2011, she designs and develops all of their products, drawing her inspiration from her love of nature and the wonderful New Forest. Debbie’s passion is working with natural scents to create beautiful, sustainable, fragrant products that have positive effects on both your well being and surroundings.

Debbie has been a qualified aromatherapist for over 20 years and has lived and worked in Australia and Hong Kong. She is also a trained natural perfumier and designs bespoke perfumes for customers, teaches workshops on natural perfumery and is a consultant to spas and natural fragrance companies. Consultancy commissions have included products for other luxury brands such as Senspa at Careys Manor, Brockenhurst, Total Wardrobe Care, London and Urban Oasis, Manchester.

Debbie lives in Brockenhurst with her husband and two children.


Mieke Oostveen


Mieke sews Braïdo Organics’ Heirloom babynests, Moon Pillows, the pouch for the Essential Oils kit as well as all the other textile projects we have going on, and it is a joy to work with her.

Mieke is a Dutch woman living in Sweden. She has a passion for everything handmade, and loves to make clothes that actually fit, whatever your size is. She chooses materials carefully, with Mother Earth in mind. In 2019 she started her own sewing company Miepss. She has participated in the Local Femmes design, art and handicraft market in Sweden several times.

Mieke and her partner have a wonderful son and they are excited to meet their second child in the early spring of 2021. She lives in a small forest house outside Stockholm and loves spending slow days at home or outside, taking long walks with the dog.

Besides making clothes for her own brand and products for Braïdo Organics she is also studying to become a doula and working part-time as a Waldorf-teacher.

You can find Miepss on Instagram.


We imagine a day when all women feel beautiful and powerful during their pregnancy, and honor the hard work their bodies are doing to grow and nourish a developing human being.

We imagine a day when all women give birth on their own terms and feel empowered and high on love hormones after birth – not traumatized or violated.

We imagine a day when women take the time and space for postpartum healing and receive the support, nourishment and protection we all so badly need during that unique time of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual change.

We are here to support you through pregnancy, birth and beyond.